Ric Seaver

A man of many talents including, distraction, people pleasing and self deprecation, Ric is passionate about people. Young people, old people, doesn’t matter. He believes that life should be fun and lived to it’s fullest and knows that happens best when people find their value and purpose.

Ric has worked with hundreds of kids with autism in a public school setting, served in the non-profit sector been Cubmaster in the BSA and run Family ministries. His favorite things to do are getting out of the house with his wife and three amazing kids. He loves to play video games but prefers talking to people. When he does play it’s multiplayer all the way and often with his family. You can find Ric on one of his….many… platforms.

Kevin Nguyen

A college student in Orange County, Kevin was introduced to video games at a young age through a SEGA Dreamcast at his grandmother’s apartment. His love for video games grew from there. From the competitiveness of Super Smash Bros. and League of Legends to the creativity of Minecraft and Garry’s Mod, Kevin enjoys all these aspects that gaming has to offer, especially in computer games.

Kevin finds gaming to be most enjoyable and community-growing when done with friends over voice chats like Discord. He supports Knights of Agon because he has experienced firsthand the bullying, toxic environment that the internet can foster, and he desires a place where youth can be able to have fun in an encouraging environment.